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The Basics for Understanding Rifle Scope magnification

Rifle scopes allow you to magnify your target. They are available in all sorts of styles, construction, and magnification power. Even with all their differences, all scopes have lenses as the basic parts. The objective lens is the large lens at the front of the scope. This is the lens responsible for transmitting light to the lens at the rear of the scope, the ocular lens. The ocular lens makes a visible sight picture when you look through your scope. Both the lenses are important when you need to magnify objects from a far distance. The two lenses determine the magnification of a scope. What is Magnification? Magnification is the number of times a scope enlarges an object bigger than what the naked eye can see. If the magnification o...  Read More

How To Sight Your AR-15 At the Gun Range

With AR-15, you can shoot at a close or a long range. However, if your gun is new or you haven’t used it in a while, you will need to sight in or zero the rifle. Sighting refers to the adjustment of gun sights so that the bullet lands exactly on the aiming point. If you’ve never done it before, the process might feel overwhelming, but it is not complicated. How to Sight Your AR-15 Sighting comes in handy when you have a new gun or you haven’t used your rifle for a while. New gun sights may not be properly aligned to accommodate the way you hold your rifle. Whether you have iron sights or an optic on top of the rifle, you need to adjust the sights for perfect shots. When sighting, you customize the rifle to how you hold it and how you...  Read More

Bullet Grain: What it Means and Why It is Important

Getting the best ammunition requires you consider its size, material, shape, and its bullet grain. It affects how accurate you shoot by determining the gun’s recoil and its terminal ballistics that ensure you get the best shooting results. Take time to understand what type of bullet grain works for you before you handle a gun. Firing your ammo requires great skill in handling a gun, but that does not mean you will achieve your goal easily. Ensure you consider the bullet grain of your weapon before making an order by checking it on the side of an ammo box. Bullet Grain Meaning Grains are the basic unit of measuring weight in a bullet because their components are small. It forms the projectile weight firing from the barrel of a gun and ...  Read More

Which Guns Use 9mm Ammo?

Which Guns Use 9 mm Ammo? Firearms like handguns, rifles, and shotguns are nearly useless without ammunition. However, even if you have ammo, you also must ensure that it's the right size for your gun. For example, 9 mm ammo works with handguns, rifles, carbines, and submachine guns made to fire that size ammo. Given its wide popularity, let's look at the different gun types that use 9 mm ammo. Defining Guns There's no doubt 9 mm is a popular ammo size. Given 9 mm's broad presence, "guns" in our case mean handguns like the well-known Glock models. Many other guns, like 9 mm rifles from makers like Sig Sauer, pistol-caliber carbines, and various submachine guns, like the famous Heckler & Koch MP5, use 9 mm ammo. Handguns The list ...  Read More

Best 10 Gun Scopes for 2021

Cartridges with long-range abilities are now the most sought-after. But you must arm yourself with a proper scope to bring out the best of these guns. Whether you are a casual shooter at a gun range or a hunter, the best long-range rifle scope will significantly boost your shooting skills. It will enable you to make more precise shots, turning you into a proficient shooter in no time. At present, the market is laden with all types of scope models at different sizes, prices, and features. If you have been looking for an ideal one with little success, worry not. This comprehensive guide will enlighten you on everything you need to know about rifle scopes, including the best ten that will revolutionize your shooting. What Is Long-range? ...  Read More

Crossbows vs. Compound Bows

    Crossbows vs. Compound Bows   If you are an active archer or have been hunting with a bow, chances are there’s a lot of people out there trying to tell you which bows are best and which ones to buy for certain sports. The truth is, all bows have different qualities and functions, but there’s no wrong answer when it comes to choosing the right bow for you! Everything depends on your skills with certain bows, your techniques, hunting preferences etc. There are several advantages to both crossbows and compound bows, so we are going to outline what makes them unique and what they can be best used for!   Crossbow: One advantage of the crossbow is that it produces higher arrow speeds than the compound bow. Crossbows today can produ...  Read More

How to Prepare For Your Summer Camping Trip!

     How to Prepare For Your Summer Camping Trip!   Spring is finally here! Which means summer isn’t too far behind! It’s time to put away the winter jackets and pull out the swimsuits, fishing gear, and s’mores fixin’s for your annual summer camping trip! Here at Guns-R-Us, we are all about that outdoors life and provide all the camping gear that you might need to make sure your trip is fun and relaxing! But today, we’re going to break down the top 4 things you need to do to prepare for the perfect summer camping trip!   Plan your activities The first step in the planning process is to decide what activities you want to include in your trip. Are you camping solo or with the family? Do you like to hike nearby trails? Or maybe you ...  Read More

Types of Guns that Use .223 Ammunition

One of the most popular calibers of ammunition today is the .223 Remington, which can be shot from several types of guns. The type of gun that a person chooses will be based on their individual needs, such as for defense or hunting. While all guns can be used for defense, the best choices are going to be the AR-15 and the AR-15 pistol.   The AR-15 Rifle & Pistol   The advantages of each of these are that they are small, lightweight, and have a large capacity for holding many rounds of .223 ammunition. Both types of guns are designed for use with accessories such as flashlights, laser sights, and an extra handle on the front of the gun. They also offer flexibility in the type of sights used. A scope, holographic sights, or iron s...  Read More

5 Must Have Gun Accessories For Every Shooter

Guns are a significant piece in American history for their role in fighting for independence. Guns can be categorized into either short or long guns. Long guns should be fired from the shoulder. Also, long guns are used to fire larger caliber rounds through their long barrels. Handguns have smaller barrels, and one should use both hands when shooting.   Gun accessories come in handy with making the use of guns easier. Here are five-gun accessories that every shooter needs to have.   1. Bipod The bipod is an essential accessory for most shooters going to hunt in the wild. The supplement is vital for adding stability while using the riffle. It bipods a point of rest to the riffle and reduces motion. The accessory also reduces fatig...  Read More

Must Have Gun Accessories For Any Hunting Season

When the hunting season approaches, you should clean your gun. Also, you should ensure that your hunting clothes are clean. You can also upgrade some of your gear such that you’ll get to enjoy the hunting season fully. As you prepare for the hunting season, you may be interested in learning about different gun accessories that you should acquire. The supplies you acquire will depend on the type of game you are hunting. The location of the hunting grounds also matters.   Some of the gun accessories that you should acquire include:   1. Ammunition Case   Before you head out hunting, you should ensure you have an ammunition case that is of good quality. The case is supposed to ensure that the ammunition is safe and dry at all times. I...  Read More

Gun Sight Systems for Beginners

A gun sight is a system used when aiming, and it helps to align a ranged weapon or any other type of equipment. Regardless of whether you’re using a toy gun, you understand the significance of hitting your targets. Using different types of gun sight systems, you can easily get that perfect shot.   Below are different types of gun sights that are suitable for beginners:   1. Telescopic sights 2. Iron Sights 3. Reflex sights   We’ll talk about the gun sights in detail now:   1. Iron Sights   It is easy to operate the iron sights. The majority of manufacturers usually install the iron sights on the pistols and rifles that are commercially available. A front and rear sight usually make up the iron sights set.   As the shooter a...  Read More

Tips for Choosing the Right Ammo For Your Gun

The process of choosing the right ammo can be tricky to some extent. You are supposed to put some considerations in place if you are to get the right ammo. Once you understand the ammo suited to your gun and which rounds are illegal, selecting the ammo will be flawless.   Below are the considerations that you should know about when you’re choosing the right ammo for your gun:   1. Check the Barrel   The first step involves checking if the ammo you have chosen is capable of shooting. Always check the gun’s barrel. The caliber is marked on the firearm for safety reasons.   2. Read Through the Owner’s Manual   If the gun is not marked clearly, you can read through the owner’s manual before acquiring the ammo. The manual will guide...  Read More

How to Choose the Right Shotgun

How to Choose the Right Shotgun Even if this is your first time purchasing a shotgun, or you are adding to your collection, there are always certain things that you should know before you hand over the credit card!  Types There are several different types of shotgun that you should research before purchasing one. With a single shot, they are less expensive but only hold one shell at a time. Pump-action guns are the most common, less expensive, but you must pump the fore-end to eject shells. An auto-loader, or semi-automatic, only requires that you replace the magazine and pull the trigger, but reliability is lower because of the amount of rounds you're firing over a period of time.  Gauge For shotguns, there are only six to ...  Read More

Tips for Selecting Optics for Your Rifle

If you are looking to purchase optics for your rifle, read this blog post to discover some important tips to ensure you make the right selection. Today, the vast majority of firearm enthusiasts use some sort of optical sighting device on their guns. While this is exceptionally popular with rifles, which is what we are going to discuss in this post, they have also become very popular on handguns and shotguns as well. The main reason why optic devices have become popular is quite frankly because of their simplicity. Aiming through a red dot sight or scope will fully eradicate one-third of the complexity of iron sights being lined up. When using a scope, you simply need to line up the crosshairs with the target. This makes it much more...  Read More

Guidelines for Buying Ammunition

If you are looking for ammunition for your pistol, shotgun, or rifle, read this blog post to discover everything you need to know about what to consider. If you are buying ammunition for the first time, you may be feeling at a little bit of a loss. After all, there are many different options for you to select from, and so it can be hard for you to know what is going to be right for your gun. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the different factors you should consider when you are looking to buy ammunition. Are you purchasing target ammo or personal defense ammo? The first factor you need to consider is your purpose for purchasing the ammo. Ammunition for target practice is a lot different from ammunition for personal de...  Read More

Tips for Selecting a Sight For Your Rifle or Pistol

Looking for the perfect sight for your rifle or pistol? Learn which one works best for you in this quick guide. Now that you have chosen your gun, it is time to look into making your shooting experience better - that’s when you have to dive into the world of sights and scopes. While you will find some jargon and complicate terms, as a first-time buyer, there are some simple tips you can use to pick the first sight for your rifle or pistol. Follow the guide below. Iron Sight Iron sights are called so because they are made of two pieces of rugged metal, the front, and rear sight, located on the barrel and above the grip. When purchasing your gun, you are likely to find an iron sight already integrated into it. Iron sights can be open...  Read More

Tips for Selecting a Scope for Your Rifle

Looking to step up your game and improve your shooting experience with a scope for your rifle? Find out how to select the right one here. Whether you are a target shooter or a hunter, investing in a scope for your rifle can help you bring your shooting experience to the next level. Scopes work by eliminating the need for your eyes to focus and master the perfect alignment between your iron sight's front and rear sight. However, there are so many options that, if you are not clear on what you actually need, you can end up spending a small fortune on something that won't improve your experience. Follow the guide below to find the best one for you. Sights vs. Scopes First off, it is crucial to understand the difference between a sight ...  Read More

What Are the Most Popular Type of Ammunition Calibers?

If you’re wondering what the most popular type of ammunition calibers are, we have got you covered. Read this post to find out everything you need to know. A wide range of ammunition calibers has appeared on the market in response to the huge assortment of handguns and other guns that are available for sale. While the choice is always a good thing, it can make it difficult to know where to begin when it comes to purchasing the right ammunition caliber for you. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most popular ammunition calibers available today. 9mm Ammunition There is only one place to begin, and this is with the 9mm round! You may not be shocked that this ammunition caliber is high on the list. Georg Luger, an Austr...  Read More

What Types of Optics and Accessories Should You Purchase for Your Pistol, Rifle, or Shotgun?

Now that you have your gun, you are ready to start practicing. Find out what you’ll need to refine your marksman skills in this guide. Photo by Andrew Kota from Pexels Buying a pistol, rifle, or shotgun is undeniably an important and exciting step - and can mark the beginning of a successful journey as a hunter or marksman! However, buying a gun is only the first step to take in that direction: there are some additional accessories that you really can’t do without before setting off for your first trip. Below, you can find a comprehensive list to get you ready to enjoy your experience. Optics One of the most exciting accessories to buy for your gun is optics. Optics refers to a range of devices that you can mount on your rifle or p...  Read More

Best Rifle Scopes for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Gun Owners

Looking to find the best rifle scope for your skills? In this guide, you can find all the best models on the market today. Photo by Elle Hughes from Pexels Once you have your gun, the next step is to invest in those essential accessories to make your shooting experience even better. Among these, rifle scopes are the most important ones. They can help you improve your accuracy, refine your shooting technique, and get optical issues such as the parallax effect out of the way. However, with so many rifle scopes on the market, it is crucial to understand your skill level and requirements to find an exact match for your needs. In the guide below, you can find the best rifle scopes for your skill level. Best Rifle Scopes for Beginner Gun ...  Read More

What To Do When Ammunition is in Short Supply?

Feeling the effects of the current ammo shortage? Find out what guns to buy always to have plenty of ammunition supply. If you are a navigated firearm enthusiast, you are not new to ammunition shortages. The 2008-2010 and 2012-2016 shortages are still fresh in the mind of marksmen looking for ammo to enjoy the hunting season. However, when looking closely at those instances, it is noticeable how they are related to particular historical and political moments. So, it wasn't a surprise that 2020, with the pandemic, BLM protests, and the elections, brought on a new ammunition shortage. However, this time, the situation is far worse than during the first two crises, and the short supply is set to continue through 2021. Nonetheless, if yo...  Read More

Investing in Guns and Ammunition

If you’re interested in investing in guns and ammunition, this guide reveals everything you need to know, including how much ammunition you should have on hand.   If you’re looking into investment opportunities, guns may not be the first thing you think about! We’re more likely to discuss gold, right? However, guns represent an excellent investment opportunity because they are ingrained in American culture and they retain their value well when they are looked after properly. Of course, they also provide you with an excellent self-defense mechanism, ensuring you feel safe. So, what should you consider when you’re looking to invest in guns and ammunition for safety ...  Read More

Out of Stock Notification

Out of Stock Notification As many people can attest to, COVID-19 has brought a lot of changes and hardships to many businesses. Luckily, we have proudly been able to continue to serve our community through our online inventory! However, as you may have noticed, many of our firearms and ammunition are low or out of stock. Even though something may be out of stock on our website, we still want to do our best in getting that item for you! So we’ve created a solution: When you come across an item that is out of stock, you will see a red bar at the bottom of the item that reads “Notify Me.” When you click on “Notify Me” you’ll then be able to register your email address. After submitting your email address, I ...  Read More